Rink FB20

Rink was born in 2013 at the Hestegaarden stable in the Netherlands. . Rink was so happy and full of energy already as a foal and bounced around most like a bouncing ball and played all day long.

In May 2016 I bought a ticket Stockholm - Eindhoven to look for my dream horse. I have had some pre information about some horses that I decided to see. One of these stood out from the crowd - the horse with fairy tale mane and movements that gave me goose bumps.

Rink received his STER title in Holland, May 2016, just before leaving the country to travel to Sweden and home to us.

Rink FB20 (Born Rink van Hestegaarden)

Vb Ster

born 2013

167 cm / 16.2 hands

Father: Fabe 348 

Mother: Trian van Ameland Model Preferent

Grandfather: Reyert 337

Rink was approved as a breeding stallion in FPZV after an approved 50 days stallion test in Redefin, Germany October 2017, with for example 9/10 points for "character", "capacity", "learning ability" and "driving".

Keuring points 2016 - 7.8

50 days test points 2017- 7.87


Rink - a family member

Since Rink came to us and to Sweden in July 2016, Rink has been a family member. He is also described by other people as a stallion with incredibly good character, curious, easy-to-learn and an enormous amount of willingness to work and learn.

Fotograf Rosita Dahlberg


Rink, on one hand, is a one-man horse in such a way that he recognizes his owner and clearly follows "his humans" body language if she happens to be close to him but on the other hand he is very eager about doing right and doing what his rider / driver asks him to do, at the moment.


Rink immediately notices if there is any kind of young person who handles him and behaves in a much more gentle way.


Rink is at his best when he notices that he doing the right thing, doing what he is asked to do! If he does not quite understand what is required of him, he can gladly guess a bit and try to show a movement, a moment he thinks is expected. When he gets praised , he becomes very satisfied and happy. You can basically see his smile and happiness in his facial expression then.

"Gentle Giant"

Rink is often called "Gentle Giant" in social media and he gives reasons for his nickname. When he is handled by our children he clearly shows a gentlemanly side.