Rink breeding season 2021

Rink is available on both fresh/chilled (AI/TAI)(in Sweden) and frozen semen (FAI) for breeding season 2021.

His semen stands a very good quality! (95% (AI/TAI) and frozen 65-70% motility)

We ship semen world wide!

Rink has an impressive pedigree!

Rink's father, FABE 348 came from a strong line of performance friesians, which have specific strengths such as strong gaits and a powerful trot. His father Melle was Champion Stallion in 1993. Fabe himself became reserve champion at the Stallion Inspection in 2000. Fabe often also inherited a fantastic temperament for his offspring, which is significant even for Rink

Rink's mother is the beautiful model mare TRIAN VAN AMELAND. (Getting a model mare is basically as difficult as getting an approved stallion in the Netherlands.) So Rink carries very interesting blood lines also on the mothers side. See Rink's full pedigree below.

Rink has a clearly interesting blood line through Fabe (the Age line) and Reyert that have not been used so much in breeding. This allows the kinship to be kept low and suitable for many mares. Rink has an incredible low percent inbreeding only 1.17%!

Rink is available for purebred friesians and other suitable mares.

The offsprings can be registered in for example following studbooks;

KFPS - D-book


Barock Pinto Studbook

Rink has been tested for "Dwarfism" and "Hydrocephalus" (Water Skull) (two common deviations in the friesian breed) and the test results show that Rink is "No carrier"! He is also a non carrier of the red gene and he is homozygot for the colour black (E / E), which means that he cannot inherit faux-colored / brown friesian foals. (A friesian should be black)

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Rinks mother - "Trian van Ameland" model Pref.

Rinks father - "Fabe 348"