Rink is a perfect all-round horse! He is easy-going, responsive and shows an incredible amount of workmanship whatever I ask him to do.

He is really brilliant in his delivery in front of the cart! Responsive, energetic, happy, eager, smooth and absolutely fantastic in his movement pattern.

No wonder he got so high points in driving at the stallion tests in Germany when he was approved as a breeding stallion in the fall of 2017.

Driving - character 9.0, Driving - temperament 8.0, Driving - capacity 8.0, Drivability - test driver 9.0.

The face of the driver in the pictures says a lot :)

I have a goal to start competing with Rink in driving in the future and also have a plan for him to take part as a driving horse at weddings. Who wouldn't want to be in company with a fairy horse like Rink on their wedding day?