Rink can be available for breeding by frozen semen for interested mares from other countries than Sweden. Please give us a contact by this contact formula if you want more info or want to book Rink for breeding. 

Fotograf Rosita Dahlberg

Rink has an impressive pedigree!

Rink's father, FABE 348 comes from a strong line of performance friesians, who have specific strengths like strong gaits and a powerful trot. His father Melle got the title Champion Stallion 1993. Fabe himself became a reserve champion at the stallion inspection in 2000. Fabe often inherited a fantastic temperament for his offspring, which is also significant in Rink

Rink's mother is the beautiful model trio TRIAN VAN AMELAND. (Getting a model mare is basically as difficult as getting a certified stallion in Holland.) So Rink has even a very interesting mother line. See Rink's full pedigree below.